Wednesday, 29 February 2012

B2B punya Update

It have been quite some time after my last entry. Penat dowhhhh dgn kerja ofc. And I was toooooooo packed having my Lovely cousin with me during that time.
Today boleh senang sikit… sebab…1 Baju for 1st reception dah sketched by tailor/designer… and it is wayyyyy so cheap. Cheaper than any other tailor I’ve been to. With materials for both groom and bride, jahit, and manic, and veil….it’s LESS THAN $800. BELI ok..bukan Sewa. And this tailor/designer had joined Bangkok Fashion Show… they got a “Name” already yet they charge less than the new comers. I’m Impressed!!!
Baju for 2nd reception..sewa sja..but buat baru..AND it’s gonna be Songket and Net… sewa ofcoz lah cheap kan… let’s just hope everything turns out well.
And I’ll be meeting
So, Bajus, venue for both receptions are confirmed. Photog for my side is confirmed. What do I do next? DIET!! And Workout! Pffttt…. I’m on a NO RICE Diet… lets see for how long… I hope I can lose a few inches… Mudahan. Amin!! And I’m using Premium Beautiful’s Waist Nipper at the moment.
If anyone ada diet tips…. Yg Betul2 berkesan ye…sangat sangat berkesan… let me know.
Share it with me Please please please.
I need to lose a few inch within 1 mth. Atleast 5 inch. And atleast 5kg. I know there’s a way to do it.. my uncle lost 13kg in one month by just eating Oat and cutting on Sugar and Salt…and he jog every day. But I just cant… Oat everyday? Arrggghhhh….. *blueeekkkk* hehehe
Til Then..... *i'm meeting Designer for my baju nikah later...tapi misplaced the kain...huhuhuhu*