Thursday, 20 December 2012

Six Months...

BBGG_nikah-375 by STouch Makeup Services
BBGG_nikah-375, a photo by STouch Makeup Services on Flickr.

We've been married for more than 6 months. It's December Now! December is the year when we 1st get to know with each other.

December 2007 to be exact! and here we are now... HAPPILY Married. Alhamdulillah. Never tot we would go up to this level when we 1st became friends.

All i can say is i'm HAPPY...with a husband who really trully love me with all his heart. Seikhlas Ikhlas nya.

Mudahan Allah panjangkan jodoh kami dan tetapkan hati nya untuk sentiasa ikhlas with me.

Love Much,
Miss Heart =)

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Reception Dress Part 2 Reception Dress....
Sorry for the low quality.... pakai HTC jeee....
tak ada camera....
tapi...hope boleh nampak lah hehe

Left to Right: Details on badan, Details d belakang(below shoulder), details di bawah baju

Friday, 6 July 2012

Why do i have 2 Receptions?

This is for KASIH and the rest yang mungkin tertanya tanya kenapa ada 2 Receptions

This goes out to those yang a bit musykil kenapa ada 2 receptions especially cik Kasih.
Cerita nya macam ni, I personally wants a very intimate wedding yang dihadiri only Close Relatives and Close Friends.
I want an event yang kecil but memorable and I want something Malaysian (hate the fact that I don’t prefer Brunei style)

And.. my brothers..too, decided to have an event that doesn’t goes on for too long and take up the whole day or the whole night.
So we decided to do it on the evening of Saturday which starts at 7pm. And since it’s malam, we don’t want our Guest especially the VVIP to wait TOO LONG for the Dinner. Normally kalau Wedding di Brunei ni…Batahhhhh… sampai Gastric pun belum start makan. We don’t want that.
There were question, Kalau start pukul 7pm… Pengantin Lelaki punya jemputan buat pukul berapa? And since it will take 1hour plus to travel from his place to my place..missed lah Magrib.

Jadinya, They decided to do their function, a Week after (this is so Malaysian style…ala-ala Majlis Menyambut Menantu hehehe)

So..kata putus dah di buat.. My receptions falls on the 2nd June. Aturcara nya was like below:

7pm  - 7.30pm   Arrival of Guest
8.00 pm                Perarakan Masuk kedua pengantin
                              Bacaan Doa Selamat
                              Ucapan dari Pihak Keluarga pengantin Perempuan
                                Majlis Merenjis
                                Majlis memotong Cake
                                Dinner with Special performance dari Fakhrul Razi
                                Majlis Bersurai and Pengantin with Parents berarak keluar dan menunggu di pintu utk Bersalaman dgn Para Tetamu.

While the 2nd Receptions took place on the 10th June and aturcaranya macam biasa majlis di Brunei

11.00am – 12.00pm         Menerima Jemputan
12.++ - 12++                      Berziarah
++.++                                 Perarakan masuk Pengantin
                                          Jemputan Makan (and kami pengantin duduk2 di pelamin…lepas tu keluar tunggu d luar hall ehehe)

So.. Yeah.. 1st atu is OUR functions….. and 2nd tu is Their Functions….

Sebab tu ada 2 Receptions hehe Abdul Hamid bin Aji

Here... i post..and show to Pelamin for my 1st Receptions, Nikah and 2nd Reception.

As you see yang bawah ni..1st photo gambar AFTER EVENT hehehe...lampu pun dah pun dah balik...But i also include gambar yang ada lampu.
Maybe you would tot, pelamin ni simple. But actually, with the lightings di Dewan tu, the pelamin compliment each other.
Everyone love it...and i ofcoz.. for someone like me, I LOVE IT. my Pelamin for Nikah and Home..memang suka berabis!

And this..sorry quality gambar KURANG MEMUASKAN... is for my 2nd Receptions

All pelamin are by Abdul Hamid Bin may search his name...also in FB

Semua lah dari FB hehehe

Makeup for Berbedak and Receptions

As i have always mention in my blog..dalam previous2 post (kalau cari pasti ada hehe), i LOVE Malaysian style makeup. It's more natural, more lovely and doesnt make the bride look like a Trans/Drag Queen.
Some love indonesian style coz they said nampak smooth but sometimes it makes the bride look like Drag Queen. Especially kalau ada yg 2-3 colour Eyeshadow... C'mon warna 2-3 tu Zaman Hetty keosendang.. Ni Zaman Siti Nurhaliza... kena ikut peredaran zaman lah hehehe kelassss gitu...

So here it is.. Makeup for my Berbedak.. by Amy Masita (u can search her name in FB). utk B2B malaysia(area KL) yang masih mencari MUA...she is willing to fly off to KL to do your makeup.

Baru 2 kali jumpa Amy...tak pernah buat Trial...and she just came and did my makeup. LOVE IT! even my makcik makcik pun suka sangat...i Love the fact that it's not even HEAVY on my face. Sorry kalau gambar tak memuaskan..belum dpt gambar dari Official Photog.

And this is makeup during my Reception..Also belum dapat dari official photog...sabarrrrrrrr.....
This is by Naqiyah Ishaaq. also you can search her in FB. I love how she did my makeup...sekejap saja. maybe around 30mins... but the effect, VERY NICE.
it suits the occasions...suits the lens that i wore that nite... Alhamdulillah...

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Receptions Dress by S & S Fashion & Dressmaking

The Reception dress, is my MOST FAVOURITE of all. Cheap, Beautiful, Lovely and fits perfectly. Workmanship is marvellous. Exactly just like what i wanted. Simple and Gorgeous. and Alhamdulillah, Everyone love this Dress.

Sorry i dont have an exact Full Dress photo...maybe next time i will upload.

Tapi setakat ani.... ni saja lah yang mampu di upload hehe

My shoulder part

TOP part

Nikah Attire by Lina Abdul Couture

As the title tells, this is my Nikah Attire designed and made by Lina Abdul Couture.

I wanted something it is For nikah.
I requested for something i can Re-Use...a bit pricey tho', compare to my Receptions..tapi i think price wise boleh runding with the Designer.

Me, My Lovely Cuz and My Lovely Niece

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Alhamdulillah..Dah Selamat

We’re done with all our wedding events for both side. Alhamdulillah!!

I think it’s time for reviews on the wedding.. Review nya sikit2 saja..i’ll start with Makeup

I have 4 MUAs for 4 Different Functions and I LOVE all Make-up do!!
Nikah – Kak Zarina or Nana Jurusolek Pengantin from Flawless and Shimmer
I just showed her a photo and she did it flawlessly.
My View of Makeup for Nikah are always Light, flawless and Fresh. NO RED LIPSTICK. Why? Because Nikah is a Religious Event, Remember, We as a Muslim (be it MUA or Pengantin, PLEASE remember this) MUST respect our own Religion. Mau lawa atu satu cerita but respect your religion atu penting. Apa guna berlawa tapi nada respect langsung kan Religious events. That’s why I chose a more light and flawless make-up do for my Nikah.
Berbedak – Amy Masita from Head to Toe salon, KB
No photos, no discussion...she just did the makeup and everyone love it. Very I always love it.’s her speciality…she studied makeup in Malaysia.
1st Reception – Naqiyah Ishaaq
Who in Brunei would say her makeup inda lawa? It is damn lawa…there was an incident while doing the makeup. She did my makeup at the VIP room in Pusat Insani, we were at the dressing table when suddenly the lights went off. So have to move to the seating area since there’s a big window there.
Thank God inda batah menunggu the lights on balik. She did my makeup sekajaaaaaaapppp sja…. Like really a few minutes..i think around 40mins or 30mins… sekajap but the work turn out to be fantastic and lasted for hours and hours..sampai nda mau remove. So sayang hehe
2nd Reception – Es Jan / SJane
My long time personal Favourite Makeup Artist. If there are thousands of MALE MUA in Brunei, I will only choose him. LOVE his Work dari dulu sampai skrg. Banyak yang maybe inda pernah dengar nama nya but he’s Booked every week. Hot Cake! Hehe His makeup feels light on the face…and he doesn’t mind if u wanna eat after completing the makeup, he’ll touch up ur lipstick heheh  he is very sweet…very very sweet.

I hope I can post photos…been having some problem with posting the photos tho’. I’ll try.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Thank you


Hari ni Masuk hari ke Empat bergelar seorang Isteri. Believe it or not, i dont feel the same like any other newly wed feel. Waktu Nikah... no nervous feelings. rasa mcm Photoshoot. siap marah2 d pelamin lagi sebab speaker not working correctly. Waktu Receptions masih lagi menguruskan this and that... hehehe

But Alhamdulillah... everything went well. Praise Allah for helping us to make things happen.
Thank you also goes to All Family members, Parents, Siblings, Cousins, Nieces, Nephews, Uncles, Aunts, Cousin In laws for making this happen...those who helped few days before the event until a day after. Thank you

Special thanks to these people below for their contributions:

Rannie from D'Voted for arranging the beautiful Reception events

Lina Abdul of Lina Abdul Couture for the Beautiful Nikah Dress

Aunty Shamsiah and Wiji from S & S Fashion for the most Beautiful Reception Dress

Suria Noroni of Ami Yani Bridal Gallery for SPONSORING Accessories for Both Bride and Groom during Receptions

My Lovely Beautiful Pengangun, Hjh Hidiah for being with me through out the events last week...

Abdul Hamid bin Aji for my Beautiful Pelamins for both at Home and at Pusat Insani for the Receptions.

Azmi Majid for the Beautiful Photos

BJE Studio for the Lovely Highlights of our Nikah

Kak Nana of Nana Jurusolek Pengantin / Flawless & Shimmer for my Nikah Makeup

Amy Masita for my Berbedak Makeup

Naqiyah Ishaaq for my Receptions Makeup

Imam Zul Jefry for the Bacaan Doa Selamat

Imam Zainal for Menikah kan....

Terima kasih yang tak terhingga.....

Monday, 28 May 2012

Counting Days?

Counting Days....Counting Days...

I am seriously counting days now....
Tinggal berapa hari lagi....

Alhamdulillah....most of the gifts sudah siap di bagi reben and also stick "thank you" note.

i'll be on leave starting tomorrow... besok byk kan di buat..facial, massage etc....

I hope inda Demam....

Til next time....

Take care all...

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Lagu Grand Entrance

Who ever read this entry...

i have 11 days to go...and still belum decide my Entrance song..

Can anyone help me list down the songs yang possible boleh pakai for Entrance song?
i dont want too slow or too fast..

let me start the list and someone please continue...

1) Sedetik Lebih - Anuar Zain
2) Shukran Allah - OST Movie Kurbaan (Hindi)
3) Aku dan Dirimu - Ari Lasso & BCL

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

SCHAWAL... Tahniah...

I'm seriously a BIG BIG BIG fan of SCHAWAL!!

I LOVE her GREEN songket and the Design..especially the off-shoulder lace part...
and her Reception baju is So Gorgeously SIMPLE!!!


Thursday, 3 May 2012

An emotional situations...

Mom, I missed those days when we used to watch Rosalinda together everyday
I missed those days when we used to go breakfast or lunch every day
I missed those days when we used to secretly go shopping together
I missed those days when I used to accompany you to hospital for your appointments

I’m gonna miss going shopping with you after work, I’m gonna miss going to Tamu with you every Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning, I’m gonna miss going back to Kampong for Raya with you every year, I’m gonna miss sleeping beside you every single night… I hope I still can since I’ll be staying with you. Whether anyone likes it or not, whether anyone approves or not… I will still stay and take care of you even after I get married. But I’ll miss hanging out with you over the weekend.
Now..At this very moment... I wish I can quit my job and just stay at home…spend the rest of my time with you.

I Love you Mom…and Dad….

Ya Allah, kau berikan lah kesihatan yang sempurna bagi kedua ibu bapa ku.
Ya Allah, kau lindungi dan berkati lah mereka.

Friday, 27 April 2012


MIA? Nah..just busy with stuff. I have 33 days to go and guess what… KATIL PUN BELUM DAPAT.
I went to Deli, Jackhan and Sopan sudah. Sopan Katil ok, wardrobe ok but I don’t like the dressing table. Jackhan Wardrobe LOVE but Katil No..and when Katil LOVE Wardrobe NO hehehe and DELI…Katil Simple lawa and Wardrobe BEST hehehe and I also went to Chan Furniture and Sin Siang Hai in Miri. I Love one Bedroom set at Sin Siang Hai..REALLY LOVE IT…but price wise..huhuhuh.. RM8+++..exclude tilam… but wardrobe yg lawa nya atu is 8ft tall..inda muat bilik ku..coz my room rendah sikit.
I told my fiancĂ© that I want bed from Deli and Tilam from Miri.. LOL..they have a really nice tilam. Suka berabis ku… and I wanna get the Drawer there..the one yg mcm the Bedroom Set… hehehe LAWA okayyy..sangat2 lawa!! Sorry no picture allowed there hehehe

33days to go… I’m getting nervous..and Sad at the same time. Quarrel with my brother last nite. For small things..and he keep on talking..i said “sudah tah inda Payah ckp” but he continue and it hurt me a lot. Ntah times like this I just wish I have sisters..older sister. Kalau kawin nanti.. mudahan Allah bagi rezeki ada atleast 2 anak perempuan…kesian kalau sorang2 huhuhu

Oh.. I’ve booked Wedding Cake from SAPHRON… I like the Idea that Farida from Saphron gave.. it’s just what I want… it’s gonna be a 3-tiered Cake… instead of 5 tier like I wanted. And the 3 tier that she SO LAWA… seriously.. I am yet to choose the flavor… hehehe

And tomorrow, will be having Pre-Wed photoshoot with the Moments Team.. Sazali Ariff. And It’s FREE…YES… hehehe… That’s what friends are for..esehhh…  Thank You Zali!!! And the Theme is Vintage..

So..til the next update… As Salam…

oh.. i dont like the Blog now... hehe

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Monday, 16 April 2012

i have 45days to go...

Salam All,
How was weekend? Any of the Bruneian B2B went for the Bliss Wedding? I did, despite being not well..i still manage to go. Oh yeah.. talking about not well, time2 dieting for Big Day, I got Diarrhea… but it helps me to lose 3kg….hehehe Diarrhea for 4days..Allah saja tahu. But now Alhamdulillah..sihat sudah. Tho’ kadang2 ada false alarm hehehe but Alhamdulillah.. Demam hilang, Diarrhea pun hilang. Just on time for Bliss Wedding hehehe
Went around yesterday.. wanted to meet Zery Zamri..but he was too busy with Clients. His Dress is Superb. I have always love his dress..also Rizman Ruzaini and Hatta Dolmat. But this time..only Zery yang datang. Brought by RN Wedding.
I went to deposit for my Pelamin arah D’Crystal Crown Bridal… and before2, I wanted some Framed Pelamin…but now.. I finalised, settled with something Frameless…deposited already. YES I deposit means I’m confirmed!! Weeeeee…… I’m a happy bunny now…hehehe

Monday, 9 April 2012

Deposit and Balance

I had just “rounding” (our kawan2 words for Runding hehe) one of my Friend / Fav Photog, Radhi of RadhiPhotography if he can be the 2nd photog for my Receptions. Well I have 1 already, Azmi Majid, and I know one of our photog friends will be there. He requested to join in. And since I have always Love Radhi’s work too, I kept asking him to recheck and recheck his schedule. Well he’s covering my Berbedak Ceremony plg hehehe

Talking to him about payment makes me realize I still have so much to pay….Checklist makes me crazy but hey… This is with actual amount, deposit and balance.

Photog 1 (UcingItam/Azmi Majid) :         Actual- $1190
                                                                            Depo - $ 300
                                                                            Balance $445 on the event, $445 upon delivery

MUA Amy Masita                            :          Actual - $200
(for Berbedak)                                                     Depo - $100
                                                                              Balance - $100

MUA Naqiyah Ishaaq                     :            Actual - $280 (includes Groom and Travel)
(For Receptions)                                                   Depo - $150
                                                                              Balance - $130

MUA Nana                                       :            Actual - $145 (katanya nda pyh depo)
(For Nikah)

MUA SJane                                       :            Actual - $150
(For Sanding)

BJE Studio (Videography)               :             Actual - $2000 (3 events)
                                                                                Depo - $ 600 ( I paid $200, $300 by Fiance)
                                                                                Balance - $700 during event, $700 upon delivery of product)

Wedding Cake                                  :              $300- $500

D’Voted                                             :              Actual - $2150
                                                                                30% to be deposit

Wedding Favours
(Receptions)                                      :              $1700
                                                                                Depo - $250
                                                                                Balance - $1450

Gift utk org Membadaki                               RM275 paid..that is around $115
(female including org Berdikir)

Hantaran for Fiance (Al-Quran, Sejadah)
Bedroom Set
Bedroom Curtain
Wedding Favour for Jemputan Nikah
Wedding Favor utk Jemputan Berbedak
Gift utk org Membadaki (Male)
Gift utk Merenjis Ceremony (for Both Parents)
Order Cake and Cookies for Balasan Hantaran
Buat baju utk Berbedak
Sewa Accessories utk Berbedak and Receptions

Seeeeeeeeeeeee…………I still have a LOT more to spend on!!!! Ya Allah..permudahkan lah segala urusan dan juga permudahkan lah Wang untuk membayar semua ni.

my Last Trip and the Engagement Photos

As Salam... Good Morning everyone. How was your weekend? mine was really sad. I was in KK since Friday..just got back yesterday. It was my "Last" trip as "Single"... after this, i'm not sure how often i will go back to KK to visit my relatives. i cried while waiting for boarding, and i cried in flight. Meeting them for the last time is such a different feelings. I hope my future husband, doesn't stop me from going back to KK to visit them.

Well..was ask about my Engagement photos... Since some already know about me and my blog... i think i wont mind posting my photos.... and Yes i did my own Makeup.

Here... Enjoy...

This..While waiting for the Lashes' glue to dry

this was actually after the event

i asked for PLAIN WHITE pelamin and then i add the pink patels and the hanging ball(eh i dunno the name hehe)

Door gift on that day...i love the white biscuit

my engagement ring and cincin buka mulut(the blue one)

Me =)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Wedding Checklist

Tinggal sebulan labih lagi...i'm so not looking forward *NERVOUS*

Here is my Wedding Checklist.... guess it's good to have this....

Wedding Checklist
1. Total no. of events
    Bride: 4 events
    Groom: 4 events

2. Dates   
    Majlis Berpacar (this one with cousins only) – 31st May 2012
    Majlis Akad Nikah – 1st June 2012
    Majlis Berbedak for Bride (with Family at home only..utk gambar sja) – 1st June 2012 evening
    Majlis Resepsi – 2nd June 2012
    Majlis Berbedak for Groom – 9th June 2012
    Majlis Sanding – 10th June 2012

3. Venues
    Majlis Berpacar: My home
Majlis Akad Nikah : My Home
Majlis Berbedak(Bride): My home
Majlis Resepsi : Pusat Insani, Seria
Majlis Berbedak (Groom): Rizqun Hotel
Majlis Sanding : Rizqun Hotel

4. Time
    Majlis Berpacar: 2pm *TBC*
Majlis Akad Nikah : 3.45pm
Majlis Berbedak(Bride): 7.30pm
Majlis Resepsi : 7.00pm Menerima Jemputan
Majlis Berbedak (Groom): 7.30pm
    Majlis Sanding: 11.00 am

5. Kursus Kahwin *PENDING*
    Groom: Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4
    Bride: Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4

6. Legalities  
    Nikah Form - Done
    Surat Kebenaran Akad Nikah – belum dapat

7. Guests List
Family – Done
Friends/Colleagues - Done
8. Invitation Card *SPONSORED*
    Awaiting for Proof Read

9. Event Itinerary *TBC*

10. Extra Essentials
      Coloured Cards for Wedding Wishes
      Photographer : Ucing Itam (Nikah & Resepsi), Radhi (Berbedak)
      Videographer BJE Studio
 MUAs for bride:  Amy Masita(berbedak), Nana Flawless & Shimmer(Nikah), Naqiyah Ishaaq(Resepsi), Sjane(Sanding)
      MUA for groom *TBC*
      Wedding shoes – Thinking of getting from NineWest
      Hantaran Deco – Abdul Hamid
      Wedding songs – Penghulu ckp, Bulan Rajab nda dpt main muzik L
      Bridesmaids- Done       Handbouquets – 1 Done, 1 more to book
      Pengangun  - Not keen to have one. Dad ckp inda Payah
Gifts utk Tetamu : PENDING

11. Themes *TBC*
      Majlis Akad Nikah : Off-White & Peach
      Majlis Berbedak : Black & Red
      Majlis Berpacar: White
      Majlis Resepsi : Gold, Velvet, Grey
      Majlis Bersanding : Royal Yellow

12. Dais & Decoration 
      Home – Abdul Hamid Bin Aji
      Halls – Abdul Hamid Bin Aji

13. Wedding Attires
      Solemnization: By Lina Abdul Couture
      Majlis Berbedak: PENDING
      Majlis  Berpacar: Baju biasa
      Majlis Resepsi: Materials / Tailored by S & S Fashion
      Majlis Sanding: Songket By Hjh Lena

14. Hantaran Berian & Balasan *TBC*
      For him (15)
      For her (13)

15. Caterer
      Majlis Akad Nikah  - Pending    
      Majlis Berbedak - Pending
      Majlis Resepsi – 11th Sports CafĂ©, U got no other choice rite??
      Majlis Bersanding – Rizqun =)

16. Room Renovation & Decoration
      Paint/Wallpaper – White Wall paint
      Curtains - pending
      Bedroom Furnitures - pending
      Lightings - pending
      Bedding - pending
      Decors - pending

17.  Honeymoon *PENDING*
       Destination: Sempoerna *TBC*
       Ticket: Maswing ka nada…
       Dates : *TBC*

Will put up this checklist in another Tab
I hope lapas ani semuanya berjalan dengan lancar...