Monday, 29 August 2011

Met the Designer

Weeee.... Went to see the Designer for the 2nd Reception yesterday...
I wanted something more simple... But the Designer insisted to have something grand *sigh* But it does look nice...tho' not as what i wanted it to be... But atleast it's LAWA.

Yesterday the BF tot' of Purchasing it for us to keep... but this morning, he told me to "berjimat" lol..which means, we might just sewa the Baju... huhuhu...

and We cant get sponsor for Songket we have to stick with Songket Malaysia.... nda apa bah...Bf yg Iski berabis mau lah hehehe..

we'll see what's the result nanti....

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Task and Responsibilities of Bridesmaid

I forgot one thing to mention in my last post..malas want to i decided to make a new entry

Since it's my Wedding... i get to make orders and want ppl to follow what i WANT..LOL

ok.. Basically, i want Some of them to stay with me(atleast 2-3 and that's in) in the room during preparations..
The rest, i want them to Stay and take care and also HELP my Mom...coz during other functions, im always beside my mom, but since it's my function... and i dont have any other sisters, so these Girls SHOULD and MUST help.

And also Help in making things goes smoothly... not just sit down and get beautiful..hehe
Make things work... and that...i'll have a memorable wedding function...
Insya Allah


Photo by Google Search

I feel like talking about Bridesmaid today... Basically... For me...these are the girls that i will be spending time with dlm tempoh wedding ni lah hehe

Well... My girls will be my Cousins sebelah my Mom..and also my Friends...
But these girls(yg cousins) will only mengiringi time the 1st Receptions... time the 2nd Receptions..i think most dah balik to their own country(awu bah..they're NOT bruneians...)... kalau ada tinggal pun, biar lah jadi tetamu sja on the 2nd receptions.

But as for Pengapit, for 1st receptions... i Dunno... im still confuse who to choose.
for the 2nd receptions, it's gonna be my BestFriend, NM. She agreed!! hehe Thank God!

So, my task is to Hunt for KAIN for the girls... both for 1st Receptions..and also 2nd receptions.. and maybe time Nikah too...and if budget byk sikit... for Berbedak ceremony too....
Mudahan Allah bgi Rezeki lebih...Insya Allah...Aminnnnn.....

Listings for B2B


i Found this list over the internet... Lupa pulak kat mana..

1. kursus kawen -Next yr
2. borang kawen - Next yr..Senang je..ada kawan kerja court
3. pakej andaman - Hmm..susah nak pilih sebab semua pun kawan
4. photographer - sama ni...susah nak pilih sebab semua pun kawan...
5. baju tunang - Kain i dah ada..naik hantar pegi designer..soon
6. hantaran tunang - tak complete lagi ni
7. baju akad - Thinking of a SIMPLE SIMPLE ones
8. sampin akad - Bf beli sndiri
9. baju famili - next yr
10. hantaran kawen- bits by bits next yr
11. cincin tunang - bf kata Family dia dah beli(i DONT like ppl choosing for me anything..but..*sigh)
13. cadar - Emm nanti pikir
14. langsir - i have something in mind
15. tilam - beli dgn katil kan
16. set bilik tdur - hari tu ada nak survey in miri lagi
17. katering - for tunang..thinking of Masi Bedah or Hj Husaini jua..for nikah hj husaini...
18. HIV test - we dont normally do this here in Brunei..but i WANT
19. kad kawen - belum lagi
20. hunnymoon - tak pikir lagi
21. flight ticket - NIL
22. goody-bag - biar mak yg tentukan ni... im thinking of giving kueh sapit Rose
23. sourvenier tamu- sama lah
24. Book Tempat Reception - Thinking of Pusat Insani..TOO EXPENSIVE, Not Worth it.. so kena cari lagi
25. Baju kawin - ada 2 receptions, 2 baju, 1 i will approach Lina Abdul Couture, for 2nd one Bf will choose
26. KASUT- OMG!! i dunno where to get....

What else did i miss? im so... i feel so hopeless and useless...and dunnoless and TOO many Things to do TOO little time....

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Wedding Dress

Hello... been awhile... Wedding is 283 Days left.... NERVOUS!! YES!! VERY MUCH! *gigit jari*

But well... I can say, i have some progress....
We're meeting up one of the Designer this Sunday.. for our 2nd Receptions.. And BF said "OK" if i wanna wear Songket & Lace....yayyy... im not a fan of songket tho'.

Oh, and for the 1st Reception, i'm thinking of Lina Abdul Couture... Ever heard of her? She's a New young Designer, Graduated from KL...based in Belait. I've seen her designs..and i think it's LAWA...Coz it has a Malaysian touch on her Dresses... and ofcoz, for the 1st reception, NO songket for me hehe
Go for Lina Abdul Couture in FB

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

For engagement

Been posting about Wedding Attire's Design recently... and i totally forgot about my Engagement.
I would like to have a simple Dress...yet Gorgeous. Something i can Re-wear...for Hari Raya perhaps...

Here are some designs i would like to have... maybe a mix of this and that..... but colour still deciding..probably Greenish Pinkish....

Photo Source: Google Search

P/s. I wish i have Body like Siti... LOL

Friday, 5 August 2011

Wedding dress

Ok.. I Know i dont have a Body like her.... But her Dress is Uber GORGEOUS!!!
I So want to have this kind of Wedding Dress.... LOVE IT SO MUCH!!
Got this when i googled "Wedding Couture"

Photo Source: Images.Google