Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Proposal

Well...well... what am i suppose to blog about? i guess i lost the skill of writing hehehe but lets talk about the Proposal....

When the BF proposed, it was like those you see on Movies like during a candle lite dinner or whatsoever...
It was during the time when i really least expect it... was a time when i gave up on our relationship... was those time when i feel like leaving and moving on... But i couldnt believe that, He was still standing strong for this relationship and was thinking of bringing our relationship into the next step. When he said "Marry me", i couldnt resist saying "YES", i didnt actually... i was surprised and i nodded and smile all the way.

Been with him for more than 3 yrs, never thought i would have fall for someone i know over the internet...
I was pretty nervous when we decided to meet up 3yrs ago.. And all i can say is... it was Love at 1st Sight. Never really believe in that... but That's what happened. We had our ups and down... but all that really makes the relationship strong. and when he propose, i dont wanna think twice about it.

Lets just hope..things will go well after this....and hope i wont be a Bridezilla in future... LOL

See you again next time.... Cheers

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