Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Update and Amendment on Brg Hantaran

As Salam...
Boring today.. Bf is off to Jkt-Palembang for Sea Games *sigh*
So i'm thinking of updating my Blog tentang Hantaran Pertunangan.

We're gonna have Pink and Green Theme... i know it's kinda not right combination but who cares. Apa nya urg Blocking Colours hehehe
why Green? bcoz 1st time jumpa(on the same date we chose for Engagement), he wore GREEN.
Why Pink, coz i have a kain which is Green and Pink in colour heheh and Pink is Sweet
So gubahan hantaran from me to him will be Greenish
from him to me will be Pinkish.

Photos by Google Search... hehe

I'm not sure what the BF will be giving me aside from Telekung, perfume, cincin tunang...tu je yg i tau.
But we've decided to give a Few now, and yg nda d bagi skrg, we will give next yr time hantar berian.

But for give him for engagement... paling banyak pun.. 11 items je lah COZ i just booked 11 dulang to be Sewa hehehe so since i already buy barang2 for Engagement... i'm just gonna list it down here

1) Al-Quran (we're thinking of the E-Quran..gonna ask my cuz to get it in KL)
2) Buku Hantaran (which will consist of permintaan hantaran..Made by Rozi Yunos)
3) Perfumes (Thanks Dr. Ak.N for buying it for me)
4) Working Attire with Tie (Thanks NIG for accompanying me to buy those stuff)
5) Belt and Wallet
6) Maybe Kain Baju Melayu with Sinjang and Studd
7) Cakes
8) Food
9) Food
10) Food
11) Fruits

This means he should give me ONLY 9 Items includes Al-Quran, Telekung, Cincin, perfumes...and ia pikir lah sndiri..hehehe

i'll start mengubah barang2 by December... Insya Allah....

Til Then....

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