Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Baju utk Bridesmaid ku

Aku tiba2 TERPIKAT dgn this one design..yang i think mesti nampak cantik for my Pengapit/Bridesmaid.
I haven't decide warna nya lagi..BUT this design really catch my attention.

Photo by Fier Nawal Studio

Lawa kannnnn?? it looks flowyyyyy.... and in the middle atu..mau simpan Manik2 yg ber meter tu...yg main jahit sja... Those berjual d HOKKO. and also arah hujung tangan. Lawa kan? Pastiiiiii.... heheh
But colour nya...would be different.. PLUS... something pastel lah....

Now im thinking where to get the kain...and many to get. But i think now im Down to only 4 Bridesmaid for the KB receptions....huhuhuhu....pasal ada yg nda dpt cuti.
Oh well.... nda apa lah... as long as yg lain can come and attend.

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