Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Alhamdulillah..Dah Selamat

We’re done with all our wedding events for both side. Alhamdulillah!!

I think it’s time for reviews on the wedding.. Review nya sikit2 saja..i’ll start with Makeup

I have 4 MUAs for 4 Different Functions and I LOVE all Make-up do!!
Nikah – Kak Zarina or Nana Jurusolek Pengantin from Flawless and Shimmer
I just showed her a photo and she did it flawlessly.
My View of Makeup for Nikah are always Light, flawless and Fresh. NO RED LIPSTICK. Why? Because Nikah is a Religious Event, Remember, We as a Muslim (be it MUA or Pengantin, PLEASE remember this) MUST respect our own Religion. Mau lawa atu satu cerita but respect your religion atu penting. Apa guna berlawa tapi nada respect langsung kan Religious events. That’s why I chose a more light and flawless make-up do for my Nikah.
Berbedak – Amy Masita from Head to Toe salon, KB
No photos, no discussion...she just did the makeup and everyone love it. Very Malaysian..as I always love it. Well..it’s her speciality…she studied makeup in Malaysia.
1st Reception – Naqiyah Ishaaq
Who in Brunei would say her makeup inda lawa? It is damn lawa…there was an incident while doing the makeup. She did my makeup at the VIP room in Pusat Insani, we were at the dressing table when suddenly the lights went off. So have to move to the seating area since there’s a big window there.
Thank God inda batah menunggu the lights on balik. She did my makeup sekajaaaaaaapppp sja…. Like really a few minutes..i think around 40mins or 30mins… sekajap but the work turn out to be fantastic and lasted for hours and hours..sampai nda mau remove. So sayang hehe
2nd Reception – Es Jan / SJane
My long time personal Favourite Makeup Artist. If there are thousands of MALE MUA in Brunei, I will only choose him. LOVE his Work dari dulu sampai skrg. Banyak yang maybe inda pernah dengar nama nya but he’s Booked every week. Hot Cake! Hehe His makeup feels light on the face…and he doesn’t mind if u wanna eat after completing the makeup, he’ll touch up ur lipstick heheh  he is very sweet…very very sweet.

I hope I can post photos…been having some problem with posting the photos tho’. I’ll try.


anaztasias nora aira said...

tahniah dear !!

Wiina. said...

Yayy!! an update. Inda sabar-sabar tunggu news from you. How's life now? Wahh siuk ihh. Tunggu gambar lagi ni ;p

Lady of His Heart said...

Thank You Ladiesssss

i've been having problem with uploading photos...
am i the only one?