Thursday, 25 August 2011

Task and Responsibilities of Bridesmaid

I forgot one thing to mention in my last post..malas want to i decided to make a new entry

Since it's my Wedding... i get to make orders and want ppl to follow what i WANT..LOL

ok.. Basically, i want Some of them to stay with me(atleast 2-3 and that's in) in the room during preparations..
The rest, i want them to Stay and take care and also HELP my Mom...coz during other functions, im always beside my mom, but since it's my function... and i dont have any other sisters, so these Girls SHOULD and MUST help.

And also Help in making things goes smoothly... not just sit down and get beautiful..hehe
Make things work... and that...i'll have a memorable wedding function...
Insya Allah

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