Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Wedding Dress

Hello... been awhile... Wedding is 283 Days left.... NERVOUS!! YES!! VERY MUCH! *gigit jari*

But well... I can say, i have some progress....
We're meeting up one of the Designer this Sunday.. for our 2nd Receptions.. And BF said "OK" if i wanna wear Songket & Lace....yayyy... im not a fan of songket tho'.

Oh, and for the 1st Reception, i'm thinking of Lina Abdul Couture... Ever heard of her? She's a New young Designer, Graduated from KL...based in Belait. I've seen her designs..and i think it's LAWA...Coz it has a Malaysian touch on her Dresses... and ofcoz, for the 1st reception, NO songket for me hehe
Go on...search for Lina Abdul Couture in FB

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