Friday, 7 October 2011


I think most brides selalu iski looking Busana Pengantin... More than mencari kasut for the events.
It's kinda difficult to find the RIGHT shoes that we're looking for in Brunei ni...
The closest place is KK - 1B, Suria Sabah etc

For me, i prefer and open toe thick heels and also with strap. I know payah to look for... i just wish ada Tukang Kasut here in Brunei...huhuhuh

Here are Some of the Example of shoes that i would like to have and wear during my event... HOPE i can get it...hehehe

This Off-White shoe is SO GORGEOUS!!!

yg ni cantik tapi pasti SAKIT KAKI

This purple show above pun lawa..tapi mesti sakit kaki kan hehe

Love this... i think we can add stones on the shoes utk nampak lagi lawa...

This would fit perfectly and i wont have problem walking on it hehe

This is DEFINITELY a MUST HAVE Shoe... Mudahan murah rezeki....

Lets just wait until i get the chance to do the shopping and choose MY OWN WEDDING SHOES.... hehe

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