Sunday, 23 October 2011

A visit to Bridal Gallery

Me and BF went to visit this Bridal Gallery(RR) in Kiulap... We saw raw songket(yg belum jahit) just like what he's looking for. But since terlampau ramai sangat org di sana time tu.. We decided to go to another place. We went to another Bridal Gallery in Kiarong..unfortunately, TUTUP! Apa lah..tutup on sunday.... Sunday lah time org ramai nda kerja and have time to go around. BENCI!

Then we went to the 1st Bridal gallery punya cawangan in Serusup... I saw 1 lace yg i really like.... Memang lawa banget!! Hehehe tapi kan yg boring nya... We cant try on the dresses there. We have to pay deposit dulu baru boleh try... Mcm WTH, how if we dont like the fashion or design or we decided on another colour? Cali jua eh.... Cannot be. Tapi yelah maybe nada rezeki kan try the baju there.

I just wish we had the chance to try on the baju.... Tapi..huhuhuh... Nda apa lah...nanti check on other bridal gallery...mana tau ada yg boleh test hehehe

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