Thursday, 3 May 2012

An emotional situations...

Mom, I missed those days when we used to watch Rosalinda together everyday
I missed those days when we used to go breakfast or lunch every day
I missed those days when we used to secretly go shopping together
I missed those days when I used to accompany you to hospital for your appointments

I’m gonna miss going shopping with you after work, I’m gonna miss going to Tamu with you every Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning, I’m gonna miss going back to Kampong for Raya with you every year, I’m gonna miss sleeping beside you every single night… I hope I still can since I’ll be staying with you. Whether anyone likes it or not, whether anyone approves or not… I will still stay and take care of you even after I get married. But I’ll miss hanging out with you over the weekend.
Now..At this very moment... I wish I can quit my job and just stay at home…spend the rest of my time with you.

I Love you Mom…and Dad….

Ya Allah, kau berikan lah kesihatan yang sempurna bagi kedua ibu bapa ku.
Ya Allah, kau lindungi dan berkati lah mereka.


Wina Yassin said...

Amin. Be strong dear (=

Miss Inaza said...

Stay strong dear... Time nikah stay strong and byk baca2.. Will rasa more sebak when u kana suruh baca something leh imam.. I cried buckets coz my parents cried.. Sampai my bulu mata palsu tecabut... Hehe but dun worry much... You will always have time to spend with them.. Always spare a weekend once a month kah.. :)

Lady of His Heart said...

Thank You lovelies...
Insya Allah akan kawal diri dan hati ini....