Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Lagu Grand Entrance

Who ever read this entry...

i have 11 days to go...and still belum decide my Entrance song..

Can anyone help me list down the songs yang possible boleh pakai for Entrance song?
i dont want too slow or too fast..

let me start the list and someone please continue...

1) Sedetik Lebih - Anuar Zain
2) Shukran Allah - OST Movie Kurbaan (Hindi)
3) Aku dan Dirimu - Ari Lasso & BCL


The Junetastic Brides said...

been to this one wedding and they used ari & bunga's song, x sure tajuk die, aku dan dirimu maybe...macam ok jugak..

OR, shania twain, from this moment ;)

Bride #1

Lady of His Heart said...

Hey thanks... unfortunately From this moment dah di pakai oleh my cousin..hehehe

i'll put up Ari & Bunga's song on the list...

Thank you so much darling *hugs*

Wiina. said...

Same problem as mine. Alum lagi decide haha. Can't help you either since I'm stuck with this problem too anyway.. goodluckkk. 11 more days to go. Wow!! ehe

Zati Yumni said...

from this moment is my absolute favorite! hehe.

My entrance nanti Insya Allah lagu from orang tausyeh. More into celebration. Mesti rehearsal lagi. hehe.

nwy, below are the list of my fav songs yang I think would be perfect,hehe.
- I do (cherish u) from 98 degrees.
- all my life (kci & jojo)
- a moment like this (kelly Clarkson)