Friday, 6 July 2012 Abdul Hamid bin Aji

Here... i post..and show to Pelamin for my 1st Receptions, Nikah and 2nd Reception.

As you see yang bawah ni..1st photo gambar AFTER EVENT hehehe...lampu pun dah pun dah balik...But i also include gambar yang ada lampu.
Maybe you would tot, pelamin ni simple. But actually, with the lightings di Dewan tu, the pelamin compliment each other.
Everyone love it...and i ofcoz.. for someone like me, I LOVE IT. my Pelamin for Nikah and Home..memang suka berabis!

And this..sorry quality gambar KURANG MEMUASKAN... is for my 2nd Receptions

All pelamin are by Abdul Hamid Bin may search his name...also in FB

Semua lah dari FB hehehe

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Kasihnya Cinta said...

Dear, why do you have 2 receptions? Cerita pls. Hehehe~ mana tau I can get ideas on how to make my future event lebih bisai....

I cant wait to liat ur official photos. Mesti lawa" ni. You do look gorgeous jua...make up lawa. Baju pun lawa. And the first pelamin is very lawa!