Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Baju baju Baju...again...

I have been so down for the past few days, ok i am very sensitive... But hey, i'm a girl.

I was asked by one blogger why i was like that in my previous post...
It's actually bcoz, i want to wear Dark Purple for the Reception on my side...but the Bf made a joke out of it..HATE it!
The Purple is this purple (but with a tweak of Different coloured Beadings)

Since he made fun of it... i've been browsing other colours(walaupun ia nda tau that i have this blog.. he knew abt my previous blog yg i dah tinggalkan hehe)...and i found theseeeeeeeee....

I tot i cant wear this colour coz it's nude and badan gempal tak cantik TAPII she is a bit gempal but she looks so cantikkkkk.. I might want to talk to the BF..LOL

This Light Brown colour is Pweeettyyyy rite... and that turquoise colour.. imagine turquoise colour shoes heheh

This is Cantik too Righttttttt???

 And Kalau nda pakai tudung... i Would go for this colour.... tapi kalau pakai tudung mcm.. MERAH NYA MAK NGAAAHHHH.... mcm CNY hehe But RED is my Fav colour

Thank you Mr. Google SEARCH for the Photos

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