Thursday, 8 September 2011

Plans for Engagement

I've been talking about Weddings which is 8 more months to go..pffttt..and lupa pasal my engagement which is in 4 mths time...tsk tsk...

My plans for Engagement ceremony will be simple really simple mimple..

1) Baju kurung zip belakang with flowy skirt
2) Tudung selendang yg sewarna dgn that flowy skirt
3) Make-up..Sendirian berhad..since.. im one of the MUA in Brunei(tak byk MUA here yg belum kawin..if u can guess who i am... please dont expose... i still wanna remain anonymous hehe), i think im confident to do it on my it's a simple ceremony..
4) Pelamin or Not, nak bincang ngan mom.. Mana tau Dad nak tolong buat mcm dulu2 dia buat utk my cousins hehe
5) Family... yg makcik2 boleh pakai apa colour je..i would prefer them pakai Green... but the youngsters(the cousins lah), boleh tak pakai Light Green?(eh they still dunno this blog yet...lupa plak hehe)
6) Tent nak cuba sewa yg the new style tent d brunei..yg mcm aladin tu... a Fren can help..he said...dia pandai runding harga
7) Catering i dah set in mind... i hope Aunty ni sihat waalafiat on that day. Aminnnnnn
8) Bf suruh masak! Pfftt... i planned Daging masak kicap OR daging rendang and some Desserts
9) I nak ada Pulut Kuning jugak atas 1 of the dulang... sedap kan pulut kuning dgn Rendang Daging... heheh
10) I hope everything goes well... but sebelum tu.. i need to go send my Kain..hehehe

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