Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My Baju

Been having the same problem again.... about the Adat nikah...
the weird one... but lets just think Positive (Altho' the Fiance is not talking to me bcoz of it, no call, no msg, no fb post, no whatsapp... *sigh*)
But lets just think positive and hope for miracle. Dad has called FFIL about the Nikah and Berian thingy... just hope everything will be alrite. I'm a positive thinker... YES i Am.

Ok... i wanna talk about the 3 designer i went to...for Nikah and 2 Receptions baju. and also Photog =)

1) Nikah by Lina Abdul couture.(Check FB)
She studied in Malaysia and I'm a Malaysian Fashion Lover!! I dont like those common Indonesian style with too many beads(makes u look like christmas tree)
So, when i went to see her, i told her that i want a design which will make me look a little smaller from my size coz im "big". then she told me to stand up, and said "inda jua tuuuuu..." heheh but she was so kind to design and sketch something new for me. and We decided to use Off-White with a little touch of Peach.
Sorry i dont have a photo of the sketch...but it's be simple and nice... just me!
Price wise? emm... i can say.. standard mcm Rizman Ruzaini (if u convert the currency) but buy ur own material okaayyy

2) 1st Reception by S & S Dressmaking by Aunty Shamsiah (Same owner for Sole'I in Empire Hotel)
I have always love their designs... Aunty studied fashion and dressmaking when she was in Canada before(She's married to canadian). known her for a lonnnnnggggg time. but baru ni dpt buat baju with her. oh, She used to join the 1st Songket Wedding Fashion show AND she used to join Fashion runway show in Bangkok Thailand. We went to see her with a photo of baju for both Bride and Groom. at first i was thinking of 1 piece dress, then she said 2 piece is even better for my body type. so i said OKAAAYY... hehehe they took our measurements. and Price wise... for both Bride and Groom including material, beadings, etc less than $800(YES for Both... for you to keep)

Colour will be something like this... Hope she'll get the right colour hehehe *Insya Allah*, 1st fitting will be in April

3) 2nd Reception by Hjh Lena Bridal by Hjh Lena (On Rental)
1st time dengar nama Hjh Lena was during 2nd Songket Wedding, and also from my Best Buddy who was the official photog for that event. So we 1st went to her bridal in January. we deposited for a Cream colour Songket. But then, the Fiance insist of wearing Yellow Songket. So i msgd her..and she whatsapp me with a few Yellow Colour songket. Then, we went to see her early this month, and settled on the Right Colour Songket. She help me with the designs. she sketched and i gave idea on the beadings. i LOVE how she listened and say "boleh boleh" instead of "NO, i PREFER it to be this and this" :( Thank you Hjh Lena for Listening coz i'm the one who will be wearing it right, and i love that she said since i'll be the 1st to wear the songket, i get to choose the design. CUSTOMER get to choose the design hehehe The design, with the help of Hjh Lena, will be Kate Middleton Inspired Wedding Dress(But it'll be Empire cut instead of Gown) and instead of lace for the top, it'll be chiffon with cover coz i'll be wearing tudung hehe So Rental... mcm biasa... $750 - $800 for Both including Accessories for Both

 Something like this, just imagine the satin part is songket and the lace part is Chiffon..but ofcoz part leher inda lah cematu. how to wear tudung if cutting leher mcm tu kannnn hehehe

Gonna update about Venue, Wedding Planner, Pelamin and Photog in the next post.... will update shortly...


FY said...

gorgeous dresses!!! all da best dear

Lady of His Heart said...

mudahan semua berjalan lancar kan... amin amin aminnnnn

Anonymous said...


May I know around brapa the standard price kalau biat arah lina abdul couture? I did see some her designs lawaaa.

The materials mesti bali sendiri ka? inda dpt minta ia balikan?

Does she buat for groom as well?

Btw, dimana S & S dressmaking ani?

I'm getting married as well tapi lama lagi. Hehe. Iatah looking for a good butik for baju.

Lady of His Heart said...


Hi.. Arah Lina Abdul.. she charged me $500... But u got to tell her your Budget. ia boleh sesuai kan. materials paksa lah beli sndiri..huhuhu....
and nope..she only do for the bride...

and S & S is in Lumut..cemana ku kan explain ahh... you stay mana? can u email me
i'll try to explain there....

I tell you.. if you wanna Buat for you to keep..and u inda mau Songket, Budget limited... Go for S & S... materials u can ask them to carikan if u dont have yours... and they do for bride and groom... and They dont Do to Sewa... the Do to Sell...means apa yg drg jahit, that's yours.

Anonymous said...

Salam again.

I did inbox to ur gmail. Please kindly check, thankyou. =)