Wednesday, 7 March 2012

the Venue, The Wedding Planner, The Pelamin and The Photog

Lets talk about this Few important Things:
  1. Venue
  2. Wedding Planner
  3. Pelamin
  4. Photog

Lets talk about the 1st Receptions. Our 1st Receptions will be at Pusat Insani, Seria. I have always dreamt of having my wedding there. And finally, dream came true. Walaupun mahal hehehe but… selesa. Tu penting. BESAR hall tu..  Alhamdulillah…
Venue sponsored by my Dear Brother <3

Wedding Planner:
I was searching here and there for a Wedding Planner for my Wedding.. then, a fren suggested Rannie from D’Voted( We met before, during the Songket Wedding event. And She is so kind to help me with this and that also suggesting and looking for this and that. I hope she’ll do a good job for me.. Anyone who is looking for Wedding Planner can contact her, the details is in her Multiply. Her charges starts from $800 and above.

Pelamin is SO IMPORTANT right? My pelamin will be by Abdul Hamid Bin Aji(that’s his name in FB). Met him last week, with a few ideas of Pelamin…and amazingly We Both have the same Taste!! We both like the same style etc. the Theme will be Glamour and Bling. Wanna see it? Lets wait til June hehehe Insya Allah. I believe in him coz all his pelamin are Gorgeous!!! And he’ll be doing the Bride’s Table, Walkway and Reception table…. We settled with the colour theme for flowers already.
But, i also need to check with Fiance's family if HE jadi nikah at my place or will still be at his place WITHOUT me, if still like that, then i dont have to book pelamin nikah for my side. but if they agree he nikah at my place then i have to choose and book.

Azmi Majid of is the man! Hehe apa kan! He is a dear fren(1st few photog fren when I started Photography hobby). He was one of those 1st photographer “contracted” to Candid Syndrome Brunei. He used to join them for Wedding Coverage for Ning Baizura(Malaysian Singer/actress), and Sheikh Mudzafar (Malaysian Astronout) to name a few =)
I have always wanted to hire him for the wedding. I contacted him I think..around mid of last year hehehe… and then..there were bla..bla..bla..bla… then contacted him again last month… and he said he probably cant make it coz he’s afraid he might have a class on my dates(he’s taking  Govnt scholarship) so he suggested someone else and I insist that he cover for my wedding. LOL..But after he got back to me…he confirmed…and Yayyyyy I was So HAPPY. Alhamdulillah!! But he’ll be covering for Nikah and 1st Reception only. For the Groom side, I have no idea who.
Photos below by Azmi Majid... lawa kannnnnn

These are the things yang belum selesai
1)      Borang Nikah
2)      Kursus
3)      Gift utk jemputan
4)      Kad Jemputan…paling lah belum! hehehe


Anis_Apis said...

Hi dear...

Salam dari malaysia...

Good progress there...happy for u :)

Lady of His Heart said...

Salam Orang Malaysia.. hehe

Thanks Anis... i slow sikit progress...tapi hopefully semua berjalan lancar

Naqiatul Hidaayah said...

salam and hello. If i may ask, how much was the rent for pusat insani hall including the catering? :) im currently surveying a hall for my wedding reception. It would be a big help if you could respond to my question. Thank you! Cheers.