Monday, 9 April 2012

Deposit and Balance

I had just “rounding” (our kawan2 words for Runding hehe) one of my Friend / Fav Photog, Radhi of RadhiPhotography if he can be the 2nd photog for my Receptions. Well I have 1 already, Azmi Majid, and I know one of our photog friends will be there. He requested to join in. And since I have always Love Radhi’s work too, I kept asking him to recheck and recheck his schedule. Well he’s covering my Berbedak Ceremony plg hehehe

Talking to him about payment makes me realize I still have so much to pay….Checklist makes me crazy but hey… This is with actual amount, deposit and balance.

Photog 1 (UcingItam/Azmi Majid) :         Actual- $1190
                                                                            Depo - $ 300
                                                                            Balance $445 on the event, $445 upon delivery

MUA Amy Masita                            :          Actual - $200
(for Berbedak)                                                     Depo - $100
                                                                              Balance - $100

MUA Naqiyah Ishaaq                     :            Actual - $280 (includes Groom and Travel)
(For Receptions)                                                   Depo - $150
                                                                              Balance - $130

MUA Nana                                       :            Actual - $145 (katanya nda pyh depo)
(For Nikah)

MUA SJane                                       :            Actual - $150
(For Sanding)

BJE Studio (Videography)               :             Actual - $2000 (3 events)
                                                                                Depo - $ 600 ( I paid $200, $300 by Fiance)
                                                                                Balance - $700 during event, $700 upon delivery of product)

Wedding Cake                                  :              $300- $500

D’Voted                                             :              Actual - $2150
                                                                                30% to be deposit

Wedding Favours
(Receptions)                                      :              $1700
                                                                                Depo - $250
                                                                                Balance - $1450

Gift utk org Membadaki                               RM275 paid..that is around $115
(female including org Berdikir)

Hantaran for Fiance (Al-Quran, Sejadah)
Bedroom Set
Bedroom Curtain
Wedding Favour for Jemputan Nikah
Wedding Favor utk Jemputan Berbedak
Gift utk org Membadaki (Male)
Gift utk Merenjis Ceremony (for Both Parents)
Order Cake and Cookies for Balasan Hantaran
Buat baju utk Berbedak
Sewa Accessories utk Berbedak and Receptions

Seeeeeeeeeeeee…………I still have a LOT more to spend on!!!! Ya Allah..permudahkan lah segala urusan dan juga permudahkan lah Wang untuk membayar semua ni.


Wina Yassin said...

wahh!! banyak masih. good luck and jangan panic ;p

Lady of His Heart said...

awuuuu banyak masih....
inda apa... some can be paid during payday... relax sja heheh