Monday, 9 April 2012

my Last Trip and the Engagement Photos

As Salam... Good Morning everyone. How was your weekend? mine was really sad. I was in KK since Friday..just got back yesterday. It was my "Last" trip as "Single"... after this, i'm not sure how often i will go back to KK to visit my relatives. i cried while waiting for boarding, and i cried in flight. Meeting them for the last time is such a different feelings. I hope my future husband, doesn't stop me from going back to KK to visit them.

Well..was ask about my Engagement photos... Since some already know about me and my blog... i think i wont mind posting my photos.... and Yes i did my own Makeup.

Here... Enjoy...

This..While waiting for the Lashes' glue to dry

this was actually after the event

i asked for PLAIN WHITE pelamin and then i add the pink patels and the hanging ball(eh i dunno the name hehe)

Door gift on that day...i love the white biscuit

my engagement ring and cincin buka mulut(the blue one)

Me =)


Wina Yassin said...

oh so prettyyyy ((=

Lady of His Heart said...

Thank You dear =))

FY said...

you are beautiful..masyaAllah

Lady of His Heart said...

Thank you dear