Monday, 16 April 2012

i have 45days to go...

Salam All,
How was weekend? Any of the Bruneian B2B went for the Bliss Wedding? I did, despite being not well..i still manage to go. Oh yeah.. talking about not well, time2 dieting for Big Day, I got Diarrhea… but it helps me to lose 3kg….hehehe Diarrhea for 4days..Allah saja tahu. But now Alhamdulillah..sihat sudah. Tho’ kadang2 ada false alarm hehehe but Alhamdulillah.. Demam hilang, Diarrhea pun hilang. Just on time for Bliss Wedding hehehe
Went around yesterday.. wanted to meet Zery Zamri..but he was too busy with Clients. His Dress is Superb. I have always love his dress..also Rizman Ruzaini and Hatta Dolmat. But this time..only Zery yang datang. Brought by RN Wedding.
I went to deposit for my Pelamin arah D’Crystal Crown Bridal… and before2, I wanted some Framed Pelamin…but now.. I finalised, settled with something Frameless…deposited already. YES I deposit means I’m confirmed!! Weeeeee…… I’m a happy bunny now…hehehe

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